Steven Moffat talks Trenzalore, Fem!Doctor, & River Song

It’s a great Q&A. Blogtor Who has audio of the event here.

On March 1, Steven Moffat was a guest of Trinity College, Dublin and took part in an interview and Q & A session - listen to it in the player below. In it he talks about Press Gang, SherlockTintin and, of course, Doctor Who

When asked about the return of River Song in the upcoming series, Moffat said, “Yes. She will certainly be in this series,” whilst also saying, when prompted, “Is there more to come about, as it were, Trenzalore and the battle in the Doctor’s future that led to the attempts on his life in the past? Is that what you’re asking? Yes.”

On the possibility of Russell T Davies of writing a story for the show, the current showrunner said, “He won’t write one for me.” The writer also states that he would happily have a Neil Gaiman story every year, discusses the lack of female writers on the show and outlines what he thinks would happen should The Doctor and Sherlock ever meet. The topic of a female Doctor also arises - “more people are saying yes - which I find fascinating.”

sherlock meets the doctor O.O sweet babies

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    Because if you listened to the interview, you’d of heard him say, that only a few years ago, 100% of people is asked...
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    The interview to rule all interviews. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY HE TALKS ABOUT WHOLOCK.
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    sherlock meets the doctor O.O sweet babies
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    A funny interview, I’d suggest fans listen to it.
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